A specialist in experimental voice DB Boyko has performed with a variety of Vancouver musicians including recent guest engagements with the legendary NOW Orchestra.  She is the co-founder of several improvising ensembles including Hextremities (1980's), the all women VIEW Ensemble (1990's) and more currently the Crossing Borders Ensemble.  Her newest project, Idiolalla is a vocal tour-de-force with fellow vocalist Christine Duncan and drummer/spin doctor Jean Martin. DB's discography as feature soloist includes Danielle Poger's Bruiducœur, prières des infidèles  for Ambiance Magnetique (2005), Songlines recording of contemporary gamelan music New Nectar (2003).  She is featured on several compilation CD's including SCHWITTCD (ORF-2002), Susan Frykberg's Astonishing Sense (Earsay - 1998), and Kenneth Newby's  Sirens (City of Tribes - 1997).

Her influences and studies in Javanese gamelan court music, dance, puppet theatre, and butoh have led her to participate in a wide spectrum of multidisciplined works with Mortal Coil, Snake in the Grass Theatre, Special Delivery Moving Theatre, Serge Bennethan, and Karen Jaimison dance companies.   A specialist in traditional vocal repertoire for gamelan orchestra DB has sung and composed new works for Vancouver Gamelan Madu Sari.

Her larger compositional works have included song cycle, Amphibious Tales (1992) which toured Canada and US including the Montreal voice festival - la Voix se fait entendre.  Her score for the Arts Club Theatre production of Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing was nominated for a Jesse award (1995) which instigated a collaboration with first nations playwright Marie Clements for Urban Tattoo (1998). From 2000 - 2002 she provided musical direction and composed for the millennial production of the SongBird Oratorio - an ecological tribute to Vancouver bird songs.

DB has also devoted much of her energy to producing the work of other artists as curator/director for the Music Program of the Vancouver artist-run-centre the Western Front.

Aimtoronto Orchestra
Barnyard Drama
Blah Blah 666
Brenders, Kyle
Braxton, Anthony
Downing, Andrew
The Element Choir
Falaise, Bernard
Fisher, Colin
Fraser, Nick
Freedman, Lori
Freedman, Myk
Gill, Tania
Haynes, Justin
Hobson's Choice
Lewis, Jim
Lewis, Downing and Martin trio
Lozano, Frank
Malaby, Tony
Martin, Jean
Martin, Lozano at Canterbury
Not The Wind Not The Flag
Parker, William
Parker, Evan
Saint Dirt Elementary School
Shaw, Evan
Southworth, John
The Reveries
Thomson, Scott
Turcotte, Kevin
Valdivia, Brandon
Wiens, Rainer
Zubot, Jesse

Nick Fraser W/ Tony Malaby 
Town and Villages BR 0330
Martin Lozano Lewis Wiens Duncan
at Canterbury BR 0332
Barnyard Drama
xmas Singalong vol.9 BR 0331
The Reveries
Matchmakers vol 2 Sade BR 0327
Freedman (Martin Haynes and Driver)
at western Front BR 0317
Hobsons Choice
of the waves  BR 0329
Evan Parker  w/ Joe Sorbara and Wes Neal
at Somewhere there BR 0321
The Element Choir and William Parker
at Christ Church Deer Park  BR 0326