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Scott Thomson - Trombone

"Scott Thomson's trombone at moments practically lifted me out of my body."- Carl Wilson,

"Thomson's trombone blasts are nothing short of spectacular."- Tom Sekowski, Wholenote Magazine

"Scott Thomson, trombonist extraordinaire, plays with Roswell Rudd raucousness but his tone can get eerily whispery." Glen Hall, Exclaim Magazine

"You blow into this end of the trombone and the sound that comes out the other end disrupts the cosmos."- Roswell Rudd

Scott Thomson disrupts the cosmos in the company of many wonderful musicians who are world-famous or should be so.  He sits on the Board of Directors of the Association of Improvising Musicians Toronto; is the Administrative Director of the eighteen-member AIMToronto Orchestra; and is the Artistic Director of Somewhere There, a terrific little performance studio in Parkdale that most of the aforementioned wonderful musicians grace with their talent and spirit.  Despite all of the directing going on, Scott still often feels (and occasionally relishes feeling) directionless.

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