Evan Shaw - Alto Saxophone
Evan Shaw
email / jeanmartinbarnyard@gmail.com
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Evan Shaw moved to Hartland, New Brunswick as a little boy, and then
moved to Toronto as a little man. In between, he doodled in notebooks,
played with tape recorders and went to music school, where he showed a
penchant for studying history and being overdramatic.

Shaw plays saxophone on a semi-regular basis with such talented and
hard-working musicians as Geordie Haley, Ken Aldcroft, Joe Sorbara,
Colin Fisher and Jean Martin. On occasion, he has had the opportunity
to make music with notable and interesting people like Scott Thompson,
Christine Duncan, Jeremy Strachan, Dave Clark, Lori Freedman, Justin
Haynes, Myk Freedman, Ryan Driver, Nilan Perera, Michael Keith, Marcel
Aucoin, Kyle Brenders, Wes Neal, Gordon Allen, Michael Herring, Nick
Fraser, Dylan van der Schyff, Peggy Lee, Ron Samworth, Reuben Radding,
Kenny Wheeler, Anthony Braxton, Wilbert de Joode and Nicole Mitchell.

Shaw opportunely dabbles with the superimpositon/juxtaposition of
different media, most frequently with video art and improvised music.
He has performed in this capacity at the Rendezvous With Madness Film
Festival, Distillery Jazz Festival, Soundstreams Canada's Lecture and
Film Series, University of Toronto Film Festival's "Super 8 Ring
Circus" and continues to collaborate with video artist June Pak.

He lives with a Hungarian wire-haired viszla named Hank.
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Lori Freedman
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Jean Martin
Evan Shaw
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