Multi-instrumentalist, composer, Colin Fisher is an active voice in the Improvised and Creative Music Community in North America.

His group I HAVE EATEN THE CITY is an improvising trio featuring cellist/keyboardist/laptop artist Nick Storring and percussionist Brandon Valdivia. They currently have 4 independently released CD’s, were invited to play the Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival last year to rave reviews, they played the prestigious Open Ears Festival with musician Francois Houle in April 2007, which is an international new music/creative music event. They have been touring Ontario and Quebec extensively for the last 2 yrs.

Another group of his Sing that Yell that Spell has released 2 CD’s, one independently and another through the Toronto based label Escapegoat Records.

Other recent projects include a duo, with improvising guitarist Michael Keith, called Sandbox who have a monthly concert series at the Toronto Tranzac Club, A duo with flautist Rob Piilonen named Whisper, an improv quartet called ALLO CAVEMAN that features Justin Haynes, Alex Lukashevsky and Jean Martin, plays tenor sax in Nilan Perera’s HolyBlueGhost, is a member of the AIMToronto Orchestra who recently performed at the guelph jazz festival playing the music of Anthony Braxton with Mr. Braxton conducting and playing with the orchestra, is a member of the Woodchoppers Association, plays guitar in Isla Craig’s band and also with Anna Linda Sidall, and has also performed with singer/songwriter John Tielli, Neil Haverty, and others.

Colin has appeared and collaborated with: Anthony Braxton, Jah Youssouf, Rhys Chattam, William Parker, Dominic Duval, Sabir Mateen, Neil Haverty, Joe Mcphee, Maury Coles, David Daniels, Chris Kelsey, Paul Hession, Mark Hundevad, Jean Martin, Metal Kites, Christine Duncan, Nifty, Eric Chenaux, Evan Shaw, Michael Morse, Jason Hammer, Nick Fraser, Joe Sorbara, Glen Hall, Ronda Rindone, The Constantines,

A Toronto performance (opening for renowned bassist, Trevor Dunn and pedal harpist Shelley Burgon while on tour with them across Ontario/Quebec) of some of Colin’s compositions, featuring Nick Fraser, Evan Shaw and Jason Hammer is to be released on DVD in the future on the local label Burn down the Capital.

3 duo records planned for future release – a 40min composition of Colin’s for guitar and drums featuring Brandon Valdivia and a fully improvised CD of drums, saxophone/guitar duets with Toronto improvisor Joe Sorbara. Colin also received a Canada Council recording grant in 2007 that was used to create a duo recording with Jean Martin called The little man on the boat which was recently released on Barnyard Records.


“With his involvement in the math-jazz trio Sing That Yell That Spell, I HAVE EATEN THE CITY and in the local improv scene, there is no doubt that Colin Fisher is one of the best musicians in Ontario.  An unfairly skilled saxophonist and guitar player, Fisher's hands dart around his instruments with amazing precision and creativity, showing off the Stratford, Ont.,-based virtuoso's obviously varied musical tastes.  Fisher has a way with strange chord shapes and menacing loops that fold into one another to make slightly creepy and altogether exceptional jazz compositions.  Fisher will play any club that will have him and will help out any band that needs him, proving to be a truly versatile musician who is only happy when an instrument is in his hands.” Neil Haverty-Dose magazine

Recording and Performance

Whisper (Rob Piilonen/Colin Fisher) – s/t – Creative Collision Records - 2008
Jean Martin/Colin Fisher – Little Man On The Boat – Barnyard Records - 2007
Colin Fisher – Euphonius – independent release – 2006
I HAVE EATEN THE CITY – Decay – independent release - 2006
I HAVE EATEN THE CITY – Feral Geography – independent release – 2006
I HAVE EATEN THE CITY – s/t – independent release -2006
Sing That Yell That Spell – s/t ep – independent release – 2006
Vermicious Knid – Smalltown Devotion/Hometown Compulsion – Ford Plant - 2006
Red Trakpants – Fear of Castration – Capohedz - 2005
Sing That Yell That Spell – s/t lp – Escapegoat records – 2004
Constantines – Shine a light – Sub Pop Records - 2003
Joe McPhee with Maury Coles, Jason Hammer, Justin Rebello, Colin Fisher – Abstract – AMIRecords - 2001

Selected Recent Performance Highlights

ALLO CAVEMAN opened for People (nyc) @ CINECYCLE -12/10/2007
Solo Performance at Tranzac Club opening for Lichens (Kranky recording artist) 20/09/2007
ANNA LINDA opening for Sandro Perri and Nat Baldwin -17/10/2007
played guitar in David Daniels Sunfish Ensemble @ Music Galler - 13/09/2007
AIMT Orchestra with Anthony Braxton @ GUELPH JAZZ FESTIVAL - 07/09/2007
I HAVE EATEN THE BARNYARD DRAMA opens for KOENJIHYAKEII @ Horseshoe Tavern -20/05/2007
ZZ SHARROCK opens for HELLA - 04/04/2007
Played guitar in Rhys Chattam Ensemble @ Tranzac - 31/01/2007
Duo with master Toronto percussionist Mark Hundevad at the Leftover Daylight series - 06/02/2006
Sing That Yell That Spell open for Drums and Tuba at the El Macombo - 05/12/2006
I HAVE EATEN THE CITY open for Nihilist Spasm Band at The Music Gallery as part of the Over The Top Festival 05/05/2006
Anglers Arms duo (Neil Haverty, Colin Fisher) opening for Pinback at a sold out show at Lee’s Palace 05/04/2006
Duo with Joe Sorbara at Leftover Daylight Series 04/28/2006
I HAVE EATEN THE CITY tour with Tzadik Recording artist Toby Driver 02/13/2006 - 02/15/2006
Trio with Ken Aldcroft and Paul Hession (UK) as part of AIMT’s interface series 12/02/2005
Colin Fisher Quartet (featuring Evan Shaw, Jason Hammer, Nick Fraser) doing a 4 show Ontario/Quebec tour opening for Trevor Dunn
(Mr Bungle, Fantomas) and Shelly Burgon 10/13/2005 – 10/16/2005
I HAVE EATEN THE CITY playing as the backup band for avant rock legend Damo Suzuki of Can 10/12/2005
Sunday Freestyle series show at CBGB’s in New York City playing with
CIMP/Cadence recording artist/Jazz Critic (Jazz Times, Jazziz, etc) Chris Kelsey 07/23/2003

Colin Fisher
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