At Canterbury

1 throwing light  10:27
2 face the same direction  3:14
3 corollary  10:21
4 patience game  10:09
5 sojourn  3:57
6 invocation  8:24
7 social insects  8:25

All compositions by Martin, Lozano, Lewis, Wiens and Duncan

Jean Martin  drums
Frank Lozano  tenor and soprano saxophone
Jim Lewis  trumpet, flugelhorn
Rainer Wiens  guitar, mbira
Christine Duncan  voice, theremin

Produced by Jean Martin and Frank Lozano

Recorded April 17, 2012 by Jean Martin and Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Music Company, Toronto
Mixed and mastered by Jean Martin at the Farm, Toronto
Artwork and design by Jean Martin
All music © SOCAN, 2013

"At Canterbury" is a live studio recording of improvisations by Rainer Wiens, guitar and mbira, Frank Lozano, saxophones, Jim Lewis, trumpet and flugelhorn, Jean Martin drums and Christine Duncan, voice and theremin.

This documents the first collaboration of these 5 artists; Rainer Wiens, one of the most original modern jazz guitar stylists in Canada, who has been hailed as a genius “composer, arranger and facilitator of world musical traditions”, Jean Martin and Christine Duncan of Barnyard Drama and the Element Choir projects, and long time musical co-conspirators, Frank Lozano and Jim Lewis. Though most of these players have worked together in one combination or another over the years, this project, the brainchild of Lozano, is the free spirited, grooving, cinematic, trippy, passionate; sometimes furious, sometimes soulful, resulting journey of this inaugural group adventure.
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