Michael Davidson  vibraphone, marimba, organ bass, wurlitzer
Rebecca Hennessy  trumpet, voice, accordion
Harley Card  acoustic and electric guitar, voice, tenor banjo
Felicity Williams  voice, organ bass
Michael Herring  acoustic bass
Dan Gaucher  drums

Produced by Jean Martin and
hobsonís choice

Recorded by Andrew Collins and Jean Martin
Mixed and mastered by Jean Martin at The Farm, Toronto
Photos (Fifth Depot Lake) by Jean Martin
Painting by Michael Davidsonís grandfather, Donald Davidson
This painting hangs in the familly cottage at Fifth Depot Lake, Ontario,
where we recorded this album in August, 2011.
All music © SOCAN 2012 by hobsonís choice

This recording was made possible with the support of the Ontario Arts Council
and the Toronto Arts Council.

A follow up to the group’s two independently released EPs, Of The Waves is a collaboration between hobson’s choice and producer Jean Martin of Barnyard Records. Of The Waves is the newest release from the label known internationally for producing some of Toronto’s finest creative music. 

Over the past four years hobson’s choice has developed into a tightly knit ensemble embracing elements of jazz, chamber, and singer-songwriter traditions. Of The Waves was recorded over the course of a week at a family cottage near Napanee, ON. It is a compelling document, with sound-worlds ranging from midnight deep-woods marimba ballads to sunny cicada-sung anthems. 

Paying homage to artists like Joni Mitchell and Bruce Cockburn, hobson’s choice has built upon this Canadian songwriter foundation and extended it through their unique instrumentation and fresh approach to song form. Through its inclusion in the internationally renowned Downtown Toronto Jazz Festival and its alignment with Barnyard Records, this much-anticipated release will gain access to a wider audience. It is sure to mark exciting things to come in the development of hobson’s choice as they present their music to more audiences throughout Canada and worldwide.

Of The Waves

1 transforming figures davidson 
2 of the waves davidson / williams
3 sechelt card / dave clark
4 shapeshifter davidson
5 one prayer card / dave clark
6 walrus hennessy
7 not for human beings rumi / williams
8 sky and water davidson
9 falling down card
10 transforming interludes davidson / card / martin
11 water card
12 contingencies williams
13 restored card / hennessy
14 as long as there are birds williams
15 tessellations davidson
Nick Fraser W/ Tony Malaby 
Town and Villages BR 0330
Martin Lozano Lewis Wiens Duncan
at Canterbury BR 0332
Barnyard Drama
xmas Singalong vol.9 BR 0331
The Reveries
Matchmakers vol 2 Sade BR 0327
Freedman (Martin Haynes and Driver)
at western Front BR 0317
Hobsons Choice
of the waves  BR 0329
Evan Parker  w/ Joe Sorbara and Wes Neal
at Somewhere there BR 0321
The Element Choir and William Parker
at Christ Church Deer Park  BR 0326