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Toronto's Barnyard Records presents a CD Launch Tour across Canada
Martin and Haynes - FREEDMAN

"Simply gorgeous. This new release from the Barnyard Records imprint further demonstrates how bigger isn't necessarily better." Pan pot .ca Feb 2009

Justin Haynes - Ukulele
Jean Martin  - Suitcase
Ryan Driver - Streetsweeper Bristle Bass

Barnyard Records produces music by toronto's finest creative musicians and their collaborators from elsewhere in Canada an abroad, who work creatively within and across numerous musical styles. We are pleased to announce these performances and the launch of the following Barnyard Record.

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Martin & Haynes - Freedman (BR 0306)
The ukulele and suitcase duo of Jean Martin and Justin Haynes play the music of Myk Freedman.  "All you’ll hear on this recording is a ukulele and a suitcase.  But amazingly, paradoxically,  that  confining   element  is its liberation, and ours. Lovely, lyrical moments are everywhere.   Time  gets  established  in  subtle ways,  and subtly falls away. Geographies pass. We leave the streets for the dunes. Melodies  expand and contract. If there  was once a wall of sound,  then this disc is a window.    Open it and enjoy a new view." Don Rooke,  June 26, 2008

Jean Martin and Justin Haynes will be joined by Streetsweeper Bristle Bass player Ryan Driver. The Ukulelle / Suitcase and now streetsweeper bristle bass trio is touring Canada to promote new CD and fellow canuck Myk Freedman's compositions.

May 1st - Montreal @ TBA - 10pm
May 2nd - Toronto @ Magpies - 10pm
May 7th - Calgary  @ Keyboard Museum - 8pm
May 8th - Vancouver @ Western Front - 8pm
May 9th - Whitehorse @ TBA - 8pm
May 10th - Haynes Junction @ TBA - 8pm
May 21st - St. John's NFLD @ The Ship - 10pm
May 23rd - Moncton NB @ TBA - 9pm